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121 North Beechtree Street
The Shamrock Inn slaked local thirst at this site in the 1920s. According to a Grand Haven Tribune article, Richard Levingstone, Chief of the Spring Lake Police Department, put up a new building on this site in 1934 and operated it as a restaurant [Tribune article, ―Rainy Days Café,‖ July 2, 2011]. Another early owner was Mr Langlois, who started operating the restaurant in 1937. Around 1940 Mildred S. Bessinger became the owner. Glen Dashner, who purchased the café in 1953, operated it for about 25 years. When U.S. 31 followed Beechtree, the Shamrock was a popular truck stop. Peter and Mary Beth Sheffield purchased the real estate and business in 1999 and called it Mary B’s Café. They were followed by Maryjo and Ed Klump, who owned and operated it in the 1970s, and then James and Dianne McCarthy took over in the 1980s. Dianne’s daughter, Kelly Van Doorne, assumed ownership in the 1990s. Adonna Houle purchased the business in 2006 from her sister, Rainy, who had run it since 2004.
This is the other one that I found. Here is some of the info that I have found.
1941- Mildred S. Bessinger(Walter) owned a restaurant at 121 North Beechtree Street, she also worked as a seamtress at the Peerless Glove Co.
1945- Ruth Strange owned the restaurant at 121 North Beechtree St.
1948- The Shamrock Inn was owned by Earl Midkiff, which at this time was also his home.
1952- The Shamrock Inn was owned by Glen D Dashner. Him and his wife owned the restaurant until sometime around 1976.

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